The Fauna

Bairagarh Living is the perfect example of harmonious co-existence with nature. The rich soil and minimal human interference attracts a variety of birds and animals, making it the perfect retreat for nature lovers, bird watchers and those looking for a place to relax.


There are indigenous cows at the campus- Tharparker, Gir, that roam freely on the fields. The fresh grass, local wild plants and a variety of beneficial herbs they feed on reflects in their good health. Not kept for the purpose of milk, they’re valued members of Bairagarh Living farm family.


At Bairagarh Living, cute sheep with fluffy coats graze happily on the green fields. They help keep the grass short and provide high-quality wool, making them both adorable friends and useful members of the farm.


Bairagarh Living has friendly donkeys that wander freely, adding a special charm to the place with their funny braying sounds. These hardworking donkeys also help with light farm tasks, showing how people and animals can work together in a friendly way.



Meet the goats at Bairagarh Living! They munch on the tasty plants, keeping everything in balance. These goats give milk, making them important for the farm’s needs. With their cute bells jingling, they bring a sweet and simple joy to the peaceful surroundings.


A wide variety of birds flock to the campus and the number keeps increasing every passing year. There are many species of birds like kingfisher, neelkanth, bulbul, goriya (sparrow which has become rare in other places), parrots, pigeons, peacock, hen, partridge, guinea fowl, ducks and turkey that have made Bairagarh Living their home.   (more birds)


Like rabbit and squirrels are commonly seen prancing about on the campus, making it lively and welcoming.

A Sneak peek into Bairagrah's Fauna