Bairagarh Living

Beautifully symbolizes the heartfelt journey crafted by its founder, Jasmeet Grewal, and his wife Sufi, along with the warmth and support shared by friends and well-wishers. This amazing outcome is an embodiment of love and dedication woven into its essence.

Here’s how it all started.

Back in 1975, when Jasmeet’s maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mohinder Kaur, showed the land to Jasmeet’s father, he liked it, even though it was barren. His father, cleared the land of stones, rocks, and thorny bushes. After much hard work, they made the raw piece of land fit for agriculture. However, in the early ’90s, Jasmeet went to Europe with his family and came back in 2010.

The Search

Years later when Jasmeet moved back to India from Europe in 2010, he was tired of the mad rush of modern living. He began to search for a peaceful and spiritual place; somewhere close to nature, among rivers, hills and mountains. He along with his wife Sufi drove 30,000 km spanning the length and breadth of India, looking for a suitable place.

When he reached his ancestral land at Hatod Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, Jasmeet felt everything he had been looking for was right here – some visible, some hidden. The prospects the land held excited him and he set about to turn it into the habitat he had been searching for.

With their dedication and toil, Jasmeet and Sufi turned the vast expanse of plain, treeless land into a lush green farm brimming with plants, trees, birds, peacocks, rabbits, cows and more! He felt that he owed it to his mother land to pay back by making it green and alive.

Jasmeet found

Immense support from his family, including his parents, brother, and sister-in-law residing in Belgium. They stood beside him from the very start, showering him with encouragement at every turn. They were like a comforting embrace, his guardian angels who not only provided emotional support but also acted as the generous patrons funding his dreams.

Jasmeet Discovered

Not just a friend, but a profound source of love, wisdom, guidance, and spiritual enlightenment in Swami Yog Kulwant from Rishikesh. Their relationship began with friendship and turned into discipleship. Their paths crossed by chance, and Jasmeet was magnetically drawn towards Swamiji. Swami Yog Kulwant became the source of inspiration from whom Jasmeet derives his endless energy. Swamiji played a pivotal role in infusing oneness, love and vibrancy into the surroundings which became the very reason Jasmeet chose to remain in India. From the moment of Swamiji’s divine intervention, Jasmeet’s journey became a never-ending flow of spiritual growth, with no glance backward in sight.

Love Pouring In

Vijay bhaiya, as he is affectionately called, embodies dedication and warm energy. The friendship between Jasmeet and Vijay blossomed through the exchange of heartfelt letters, long before they saw each other’s faces. Vijay’s commitment to his work was so pure and wholehearted that Jasmeet felt it mirrored his own. In Jasmeet’s world, Vijay stands as an unwavering pillar of strength, a cherished companion on the journey of life.


My Friend

Nivedan, is one such friend who has been our pillar of strength at Bairagarh Living. With a heart full of compassion and a spirit dedicated to helping others, Nivedan is always ready to lend a helping hand. His genuine kindness and commitment to fostering a positive environment make him an integral part of our community. Nivedan’s good intentions and warm approach contribute significantly to creating an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort

As word spread

About their journey, friends got interested and soon some of them joined to quench their own thirst. As they pitched in and nourished the place with their energy, skill and talent, the place blossomed and expanded multifold in its scope.

Not only friends, even the architect who was called for a visit, Sunny Sisodia, fell so much in love with the place that he decided to give all his time, energy and skill to nurture the place further, serving selflessly, contributing with totality.

The Name Bairagarh

Years ago, before the place was named Hatod, it used to be called Bairagarh after Baira tree (Baheda tree). People say the tree was so huge that it covered a few acres! After the tree sadly died people stopped associating the place with it and so the name was changed to Hatod.

This farm retreat has been lovingly named after that same Baira tree so that its legacy lives on.

The Trees

The trees, like all plants, animals and birds at Bairagarh Living, are like family members. Jasmeet and Sufi have nurtured every single tree with such love and care that there is a strong bond between them.


The variety of trees at Bairagarh Living have been chosen purely with the intention of increasing biodiversity – to attract birds, butterflies and animals and not for other utilitarian purposes. So much so that even nests were carefully built and placed to attract more and more winged friends. Care was taken to plant trees with commercial value in order to prevent people from cutting them.


Bairagarh Living is home to a huge variety of trees including peepal, banyan, neem, kachnar, kadam, mangoes, jamun, sawani, sheesham, ber, phalsa, sehjan, moulshri and more.

The Lake

At a place where there was no water source, an artificial lake was created because without water no birds or animals could flourish. Today, the lake is a major attraction in the area and draws numerous wild animals, birds, insects, fish and ducks to it.

Dedication and Toil

Bairagarh Living is not just another property like a hotel, retreat or resort. It’s the story of amazing transformation. On a piece of land where there was not a single tree, bird, animal or water source, everything was built from scratch, purely with human effort and determination. Not just the building, but every plant, tree, drop of water, bird, butterfly, cow and goat tells a story. A story of a dream, conviction, love, dedication and labour.


As Jasmeet looks back, he shares that the journey, though exciting, has been far from easy. He recounts the hardships they went through. For example, the story about how there used to be electricity issues and the power for agriculture used to be supplied at 1o’clock in the night. So he and his family would wake up and water the trees at 1 o’clock in the night!


Jasmeet adds, “Had I got a ready, lush green place, perhaps I wouldn’t have found so much satisfaction or valued it enough. But because each and every plant, tree, bird and drop of water has been nurtured with much dedication, effort and energy, it holds lots of memories. It’s been an unforgettable journey, creating Bairagarh Living.”