Natural Farming

Guests at Bairagarh Living have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and science of natural farming, surrounded by all the essential resources needed for a rich agricultural experience. The facilities provided include access to natural manure, expansive land, abundant water, and a diverse selection of the finest seeds. What sets Bairagarh Living apart is its commitment to using ancient varieties of seeds sourced from remote areas, ensuring an authentic and natural farming experience, as opposed to the commonly available hybrid seeds in the market.

Under expert guidance, guests can learn and practice natural farming techniques for a variety of crops, each cultivated with care and respect for traditional agricultural practices. The crops include:

Wheat: A staple grain in many diets, the wheat grown at Bairagarh Living is cultivated naturally, without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Millets: Known for their nutritional value, millets are grown with a focus on preserving their natural goodness, making them an excellent choice for a healthy diet.

Makka (Corn): The corn produced at Bairagarh Living is cultivated using natural methods, ensuring the retention of its original flavors and nutritional content.

Mustard: Mustard, with its distinct flavour, is grown naturally, promoting biodiversity and ecological balance within the farming environment.

Peanuts: These nutrient-rich legumes are cultivated without the use of artificial additives, resulting in peanuts that are both delicious and wholesome.

Rice: A dietary staple, the rice grown at Bairagarh Living is nurtured through natural farming practices, preserving the traditional essence of this essential grain.

Gram:** This versatile pulse is grown naturally, contributing to the sustainability of the farming ecosystem and providing a valuable source of protein.

**Pulses: Various pulses are cultivated using natural methods, promoting soil health and producing high-quality, chemical-free legumes.

Spices: Aromatic and spices full of flavour are grown naturally, enhancing the culinary experience while preserving the essence of each spice.

Vegetables: Diverse vegetables are cultivated using natural farming techniques, ensuring freshness, nutritional value, and a connection to the earth.

Fruits: The orchards at Bairagarh Living yield a variety of naturally grown fruits, promoting a diverse and healthy diet.

Sugarcane: Naturally grown sugarcane is cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, resulting in sweet, wholesome cane juice that captures the true essence of this crop.

By offering an authentic farming experience with a focus on ancient seed varieties and natural cultivation methods, Bairagarh Living provides a holistic and educational platform for guests to reconnect with the origins of their food while learning valuable skills in sustainable agriculture.

A Sneak peek into natural farming in Bairagarh