The food prepared at Bairagarh Living is tasty, nourishing and natural. Wholesome and fresh meals are prepared with grains and vegetables naturally produced at the farm itself. Bairagarh gets its dairy products like milk, butter and ghee also from the farm.

Even the oil used for cooking is cold-pressed – healthy and invigorating, extracted at the farm itself. All food is cooked in mustard oil and desi ghee produced naturally at the farm. There is minimal use of factory-made items.

Guests can enjoy the best, natural and delicious makke di roti and sarson da saag, homemade paneer, daal baati churma, seasonal farm grown vegetables, varieties of wild vegetables and other such local cuisine. They are also welcome to feel at home and help in the kitchen. Cooked on earthen stove (chulha and tandoor), the food nourishes not just the body temple but also the soul.

Special Diets: If there’s a specific diet you’d like to follow like naturopathy or weight-loss, that too can be facilitated at the premises with in-house experts.

A Sneak peek into Bairagarhs Lifestyle