Blossoming in the lap of nature and alive with plants, trees, birds and animals, Bairagarh Living has the advantage of offering a wide variety of enjoyable activities that are suitable for young and old alike.

Experience of village life

Get a taste of living in nature, of actual village and farm life, not something you can find at an ordinary hotel.


With an in-house yoga teacher, learn yoga to improve your mental, physical and emotional health and agility.


Bairagarh Living provides the perfect atmosphere to learn or practice meditation.


: One can go on an enjoyable, blissful walk or trek in nature.

Swimming Pool

Swim your way to bliss in the beautiful swimming pool at the premises.


Natural Farming

Learn how to do natural farming. Grow plants and crops like different types of millets, corn, grams, pulses, sugarcane, mustard, wheat etc.

Jungle Safari

If you enjoy being in the wild, enjoy wildlife from up close. Go on a jungle safari in the nearby forests.


Bird Watching

Feast your eyes on the vast species of birds that flock the area.


Ideal place to organize small excursions and picnics as there are many scenic spots around the area.



: Creative people who enjoy painting or writing will find the ideal environment at the beautiful and peaceful Bairagarh Living. For those interested, canvas and paints are available to help your creativity flow.


There are facilities for many sports and games like volleyball, badminton, long jump, wrestling and boating.


Mud Bath

Enjoy the health benefits of a mud-bath on the premises and rejuvenate your body.

Day Trips

There are a multitude of nearby tourist attractions like Surbaygarhi monastery, temples like Betimaiya, Bankde Hanuman ji, Bilari, Madhav National Park and many more. You can enjoy day trips and longer trips to such interesting tourist spots. 

A Sneak peek of Activities at Bairagarh