Single Room Chalet – Warris 3

Bairagarh Living is a nature haven, where rooms are like blooming flowers, offering a tranquil escape.
Clean and comfy, our rooms echo the soothing sounds of nature.

For those wanting an extended stay, our farm retreat is a celestial paradise. Staying here is an art,
painting moments of natural luxury. Under the twilight stars, moonlit paths guide your way, and fireflies
light up the night.In the heart of Bairagarh Living, time dances with nature’s rhythm, making every
breath a celebration. Choose farm living as your refuge turning ordinary moments into extraordinary

This air-conditioned chalet comprises one bedroom with two single beds and one bathroom overlooking a beautiful garden. The chalet is equipped with a tea and coffee maker, complimentary toiletries, toilet paper and provides hot water.



INR 4000/- per day

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